Thursday the thesis is done!

After reading my thesis 4 times again after adding all information, comments and feedback I feel im done, I cant do more, I dont wanna do more and im content with it!

Today after work at 17:58 I sent my thesis in to be graded! Nothing more can be done, and I will stop thinking about it for the next few weeks until I get my grade on it!

If worse comes to show i will get a F and that will be bad… But my thesis is not worth an F and maybe an comment telling me what i need to add or so but we will see..

Im happy with my thesis and proud but if I pass i will never again open it probably!

Tomorrow I graduate from uni and my bachelor degree have been completed and im done with studies all together now!

So tomorrow will mark one of the final “studies” category posts! My journey as a university student has reached its end!

As of next week i will update this blog and the pages to more reflect my intrest, work and future plans!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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