Friday the final seminar!

Its been a long road but I made it! The final opposing seminar started 8:30am with an introduction then it was my turn to give feedback onto another persons thesis and it just went fine, it was a good seminar with great feedback and discussions. I got good feedback wich I will be able to…… Continue reading Friday the final seminar!

Thursday work

So now its already thursday and it was an intresting day at work, many discussions, a few frustrations and alot of writing and planing. Got home and started reading and preparing the final bits and pieces for tomorrows final seminar! I feel im prepared for giving feedback abit less prepared for the feedback i potentially…… Continue reading Thursday work

Wednesday reading and taking notes for this coming friday!

Yes todays focus is on preparing for friday as its the final seminar where we oppose against eachothers work and give feedback on how we thought about the thesis the other person have written. Well it took me about 4 or 5 hours but I think I have a good enough feedback to give on…… Continue reading Wednesday reading and taking notes for this coming friday!