Todays lecture was intresting cause it actually was about the quality assurance a teacher have to do together with the collegues all the year and all the time. There was discussions and information that all made this intresting and something to actually look forward doing. But tomorrow is retake exam, the last retake exam for […]

Today was lecture day. I was abit excited cause i recogniced the name of the person who was gonna be our lecturer.. But i didnt know from where… But i felt sick so i didnt really had the energy to walk fast to campus. The way to campus was abit cold today and took me […]

Today was the last lecture of 2019 and they crammed in 3 different lectures, in theatrical, physics and chemistry. The theatrical and physics was pretty much repeat of what we learned from this past year, BUT the chemistry was for one of our exams! But tomorrow and Friday im working so that is great, and […]

Today have knocked me out completely, i have had itching eyes aswell as sneeze attacks all day, my allergy pill did not work cause there is to much pollen currently 😦 Tomorrow is lecture day, and we will see how that goes, ima just check through the litterature for tomorrow now before i go sleep […]