Wednesday lecture day but i dont feel that good..

So today was another lecture day BUT i woke up with a pain in my throat so i knew this would be a bad day. I did hope it wouldnt bother me to much but who knows, i wasnt feeling up for anything really..

The lecture today went fine and it was quite intresting but the last hour once again i lost focus and couldnt keep my energy on what was said or going on during the lecture. So yea i wasnt feeling that amazing overall but i managed to get through it and got to go home.

At home i kept getting worse, my throat was swollen, i was coughing and freezing and all i had energy for was lieing on the sofa resting for the entire afternoon.

I hate being sick, after not being sick at all almost last year this really kicked me hard… First last week where my stomach was acting up and now a cold this keeps getting better and better…

Hopefully i get to sleep some and feel better tomorrow so i can go and work atleast, but as i feel now that wont happend but hopefully with a good nights sleep i am fit for fight once again.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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