Tuesday a day for reading.

Yes tomorrow is lecture day and i needed to read a few things, i managed to finish 2 today and tomorrow is lecture with a weekly assignment we gonna do after the lecture so that will be good!

Tomorrow afternoon i will also be starting on the exam that is due on Sunday and i do have a clear idea on what to write in the exam. Since we need to watch a video and reflect on the stance of things in it, i feel it will be fine.

I am not directly worried about it and even feel abit motivated to start working on it.

I would have started it last weekend together with things for this week but since i been sick since last Thursday it was not an priority.

Shouldnt uni assignments be priority you might ask? Well both yes and no, if i am unwell then my health and personal wellbeing comes first and exams, uni assignments comes after.

Tomorrow is another lecture about the professionalism of a preschool teacher so that will hopefully be really intresting!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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