Wednesday a lecture with intresting facts.

So today started at 7am and then at 8:30 I was ready for the lecture. Todays lecture actually lead to some discussion about how we in the future position as a preschoolteacher should be working on how to handle harrassments and threats and tough things like that. Cause let us face it these things happend and it isnt just to think “nah this doesnt happend” cause it does happend and sometimes it happends without the person realising it happend.

It is an intresting topic and it shows how important it is to bring it up for discussion and to make plans in advance for how to handle, how to go through with it and what the consequenses will be of the actions.

Tomorrow i got work and then maybe Friday aswell but else i will be starting my exams on Friday and will see how much i can manage to get down..


By Dan

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