Thursday final day with mariokart!

Today marks the 5th and final day of hanging out with my friend just watching movies and playing mariokart. But it has been 5 really good days with alot of personal reflections and discussions aswell.

It is important to take time for personal health and your friends, and these 5 days have boosted my mental health up and reenergized me for the coming weeks of work!

We didnt finish all the movies but that just means we gotta take a few days later on to keep going!

It has been a great few days where i actually just could focus on me and my wellbeing cause that is something i dont do to often!

Starting on Monday and until next June i will be working almost every weekday while focusing on the final two semesters of uni.

Ever since i started uni 2.5 years ago i have gone through a personal transformation. In both a good way and also in a bad way. This have atleast taught me something about myself and that has been good. Now this final 2 semesters (40 weeks that starts in abit over 1.5 months) will mark the goal and will probably and most likely lead to even more ways i unveil new sides of myself.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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