Today have been a good day, i did abit of reading for Wednesday and Thursday and its intressting to see what the writers are saying in the books. Since it all is about younger kids education reguarding nature sience studies. It is all relative on how each teacher wanna teach just about the nature and […]

I keep thinking everything is ok, i keep distracting myself and say everything is ok. But deep down i know in my body, in my mind that it isnt true. Frozen in a place, nowhere to feel safe in my head the corner hides nothing but thoughts. So what if i keep walking the same […]

I will just pour my inner thoughts out today, cause it is one of the worst day for me for quite some time. Today started pretty decently, but then it kept going downhill.. and i can not shake this feeling, and i have been feeling like this for the past 2 hours now without it […]

The beginning of 2018, what a year it has been! I have traveled twice, been to both bikes and cars excibits, started studying, streaming alot, meet amazing new people, been going on a rollercoaster in my personal life (both physically and mentally). Been doing alot of selfevaluation, and getting abit closer to understanding who i […]

So today i have been reflecting backwards on my life more and more, sadly i notice myself becoming a person who i dont understand. I am currently going through my memories and everything that has happend. This year of 2018 have been a huge emotional wave back and forth, i found out i probably suffer […]