Monday thinking and reflecting on life.

Today have been a good day, i did abit of reading for Wednesday and Thursday and its intressting to see what the writers are saying in the books. Since it all is about younger kids education reguarding nature sience studies. It is all relative on how each teacher wanna teach just about the nature and how they should follow up the curiosity and thoughts from kids.

But i also reflected abit cause alot of things was going on my twitter feed so it started my thoughts again. Cause i saw so much people posting really sad and straight out depressing things, i myself is not the most cheerful and energetic person but the things i read and just to name a few was:

“Is it ok for me to be alive” “Why did this happend to me?” “If the i keep struggle will my life be better?”

So yes alot of pretty tough things that i think alot of people live with every day. The deep dark thoughts and pain alot of people hide from the outside world.

So i went onto youtube and listened to a few songs i normally go back to when i feel down/sad/hopeless:

Just remember that how dark/cruel/hopeless the world around you seem, there will always excist one small ray of hope that cant be vanquished!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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