Friday a day of not feeling like myself.

So today i woke up as usual, felt abit cold and watched outside and its completely icy everywhere. Checking my thermometer and it states that it is -8 degrees outside and im just feeling I AM NOT going outside today… Well come down and the first thing i hear is “we are going to town to the pharmacy, store and the kiosk” and i just feel what cant we wait until it gets abit warmer and i get “Nope we are going now” so a quick breakfast later and we are off. 

Now for the past 3 hours i have been studying to finish the retake exam and i manage to finish it so now i just gotta send in for evaluation and hope i get a passing grade. 

But i have a horrible sad feeling in my chest today, i feel like i am on the verge of breaking down, and i francly feel like nothing in the world matters anymore. So right now im sitting listening to happy and feelgood music to make sure i get rid of this tough feeling that will if not handled break me completely. So i will be trying to get rid of this and go to sleep early today. Francly i could probably just go to sleep now and not care about the rest of the day, but that is not who i am. 

Even tho the above song is a love song the beat is really cheerful and makes me abit happier so i just keep going through my happy youtube list and we will see how it will go. 

But i eventually probably will try and get someone to talk to just to get rid of all this heavy feelings i keep holding in to get it out. There are stuff that i cant explain in text so for now i just hope that IF you are feeling down that you have someone that you can talk to and that will support you.