Thursday cold and slippery!

So Thursday i woke up looking outside and it is one of those grey cold December days, but today we in Sweden celibrate St Lucia. But this year i had sadly no feeling for this so i didnt really pay attention to it. 

Since yesterday evening i have been feeling abit down, sadly this will probably stick around for a few days. 

I also been thinking about my future and what i really wanna do, this morning i felt like taking my wallet and cards and just jump on the bus or train going away. But gotta finish my education first before i can travel around!

I finished the 5th and final season of Bojack Horseman on Netflix aswell yesterday and sometimes i seen myself in that serie and that is probably why i pretty much bingewatched it 😅

But today aswell when i went outside for some shopping i almost fell like 10 times! This is the worst about winter… The ice and the fact that you can trip anywhere. The ice hidden under snow is horrible! I hope everyone will be fine this snowy and slippery winter!