New Years Eve and a recap of 2018!

The beginning of 2018, what a year it has been! I have traveled twice, been to both bikes and cars excibits, started studying, streaming alot, meet amazing new people, been going on a rollercoaster in my personal life (both physically and mentally). Been doing alot of selfevaluation, and getting abit closer to understanding who i am. So what a year it has been and i will now in this post share it with you all!


I started university for the second time in my life, i tried to study in another town on another univercity back in 2015 BUT it was the worst thing i done in my life. I managed to do two semesters there but failed to get into the third and after i kept on failing i just gave up that dream until this year!

The first day of uni is like all other times, my nervs where on the outside of my skin cause i was gonna travel by car with a complete stranger, but as soon as we meet i knew this was gonna be ok. It was a two hour drive to get to the university but the time flew and we kept talking all the time, and just to put into how significant that I was talking for two hours is that, i am a quiet and inverted guy normally so i have a hard time talking to people. But this time we talked about everything about why we where gonna study, what we have worked with before and more. The introduction to the university where gonna be three days and we started with a meeting in an aula. Sitting at the backrow watching out over close to 250 other students probably all feeling nervous aswell. But the first days introduction flew by so fast, and we got to know new people that was gonna study at the same place and in the same group as us. The three days went into the same agenda, we socialized, learned, meet the teachers, and i made a discovery. In the first day i was looking around when it was only the preschool teachers around to see if there was any guys around, WELL there was noone, wich made me feel abit proud that i atleast am following my dream to study for this amazing work!

Two days after we got back from our third introduction day of uni i went to a motorbike exhibition and here follows a few photos from that


Not much happend during this month, i was busy with getting used to the uni life, but since i am a gamer i still had to play some game(s) and being alive on twitter!

So during this time between study and exams i was playing three games

  • Assassins Creed: Origins
  • Maplestory
  • Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

And in February just in time for an exam this is what i tweeted out:

Been up since 02:35 its now 6am and i have a freaking exam today! Yepp today is gonna be an awesome day! #PositiveMentalAttitude— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 19 februari 2018

So that was not the best experience but i managed to pass the exam!

Reguarding the games i was playing screenshots from the games comes here!


March was an exciting month since i got to travel and revisit one of the cities i have felt really connected with, and i also got to visit one of places i have dreamt about going to since i was a kid. These places im talking about are London and Stonehedge! Images from that trip:

But the trip to england is not complete without a visit to madame tussauds wax museum and finally stonehedge!

That was my March and what a trip that was for a whole week to explore both London and abit of English countryside and other towns!


The most memorable thing i did in April was that i went to Elmia wich is a really big motorbike and car exhibition for us in scandinavia images below!


In may not much was happening, except i was working alot on a new stream setup and uni. But everything flowed nicely BUT in the beginning of May i tweeted this!

I worked most of the afternoon yesterday with a new stream layout and after the stream the program decide nope this wont be good “crashes” so all work needs to be redone… 😧😔😱😡👎— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 4 maj 2018

Close to the end of May pokémon Let´s go Eevee and Pikachu was announced and i wasnt really looking forward to it according to this tweet

All the talk about #PokemonLetsGo #PokemonLetsGoPikachu #PokemonLetsGoEevee im sadly not intressted I will wait 1 year for the other pokemon switch game that is said to come! dont wanna play a #pokemongo consol game sorry!— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 30 maj 2018

Well time flies! May was the last proper month of the first semester of uni!


June came by and said hello to us all! Even tho we had final exams for this semester we were all looking forward to the extended break over the summer, and with the summer work, hangouts and more all was discussed and planned. But i will cover that in July and August in abit!

The beginning of june was quite intresting:

WHY did my body decide “hey Hey HEy HEY! wake up its 5am get up, the alarm is gonna ring in 1 hour and 20 minutes YOU DONT NEED TO WAIT FOR THE ALARM WAKE UP NOW!” Sigh 😥😔— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 4 juni 2018

#PositiveMentalAttitude today at uni we learned that groups (3-8 people) go through 5 different relationship phases wich all are very accurate to how they behave!— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 5 juni 2018

Abit later in June i had a breakdown in the sence of bad selfasteem surfaced again:

Today been a day of reflection on myself to quite the extent… Im trying to comprehend all these thoughts and emotions that makes me question “is this allright?” “could i do more?” “what do i keep doing wrong?” tons of other questions and looking into myself there is answers..— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 9 juni 2018

But the question that not just me but everyone should ask is “am i happy how i currently am?” Thats the first step and francly for me the answer is:

No im not happy but in the same time i am happy, but i am also working on making myself happy and stopping my own selfdestruction.— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 9 juni 2018

It was a rough start of June but i kept fighting and in the end of June i realised i need to get an external harddrive.. cause:

And this is why you should use #steam on an external harddrive… #gameaddict— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 25 juni 2018

The image from that tweet shows how much GB of games i had on my drive wich was:

So for the next few months i had to remove some games just to free up space! But i did get an external drive in August!


July was the month where i had no free time whatsoever cause i worked, worked abit more, and just a few times had the chance to enjoy the summer and hangout with my friends.

The weather was hot and luckily at work we got to plan outings to a lake, it was fun, but July ran by without any big impact except i went and watched two movies it seems:

Went and watched #skyscraperthemovie thanks #DwayneJohnson for giving me another great movie!

Also watched #AntManAndTheWasp today gave me alot of laughs really enjoyed both movies ^^— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 14 juli 2018

One thing that happend in July, was also the release of a new game server on one of my favorite games namely Reboot world for the European side of the service! This was something i had been waiting for since it was announced 2 or 3 years ago, and now it was finally here!

We are more then halfway through the year already! Jeez this year has contained so much already for me atleast!


Hello August! and August started with more work and work and work. But then we reached middle of August and i could finally rest and relax cause now i was free until uni was gonna start again in early September!

Exciting day today watched #MissionImpossibleFallout and #oceanseight in the theater 🤩— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 18 augusti 2018

Bought a 4TB harddrive just to be used for my steam and schoolwork 🤣 #student #gamer— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 18 augusti 2018

I finally bought my external drive and could finally start moving over all the games and feel like a proper gamer once again!

But August came to past and September brought uni and a well deserved and needed vacation (EVEN THO UNI HAD JUST STARTED)!


September came and uni started and the week after uni started i went on a plane to go on vacation to Greece!

To the island of Samos or as the island is named “the green island”. We left Sweden, that was windy and abit of rain to land on Greece with 23 degrees and sunshine! It was amazing, we got on a bus and traveled to our hotel, wich welcomed us with a drink and a coupon for some ouzo in the hotel restaurant.

The days was spent with exploring, touring the island, and go by boat to visit other corners. But on the fourth day i burned myself pretty badly so the last three days was spent in the shade and alot of water and sunscreen. But i felt so relaxed and calm when i got back to Sweden after one week, cause to be honest i felt like i had been on Greece for several years. It was such a good trip and i shall share some images!

But during September i also watched the serie Lucifer on Netflix wich just made me tweet out the following

Been watching the serie #LuciferOnNetflix and on 3rd season now. That serie has gotten me to question some things in my life and to be fair it have helped me grow as a person 🤔 weird how the show about the devil makes me question so many things, but i love it 😅— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 28 september 2018


October came with alot of things, new games, new lifechoises and the decision to launch this website!

The tweets that summary this month are:

To sit and listen to a song and then start analyzing in what way this or that song actually makes you feel, its intressting im listening to Happyland by Måns Zelmerlöv and its making me quite sad cause for me it represents something hidden and painful as it stands today.— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 11 oktober 2018

If you havent heard the song here it is:

Downloaded and played #AssassinsCreedOdyssey yesterday evening. I really love it so far most likely gonna love the whole game! And the tutorial and the choises in the beginning was so smooth for some reason. I thought anyway ❤— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 12 oktober 2018

Went and watched #Venom i really enjoyed it and the dialog between Venom and Eddie was so nice 👍— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 13 oktober 2018

Some days are harder then others. Today is one of these days where i feel like i failed completely and is worthless so yea if you had a great day good for everyone, if you had a bad day dont forget your not alone EVEN if you feel like that!— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 17 oktober 2018

and the final tweet:

So i decided to launch a website and blog for personal use and growth and you can reach it by going to:— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 27 oktober 2018

October was a rollercoaster of feelings, decisions and more but all of them was equally important and meant a personal growth!


So now we are reaching closer to the end of this year! But November i have been sick all of it so that means i been mostly lieing in bed wishing to get well faster! The cough i had lasted for 6 weeks and i still cough now and then but not on the same level. This tweet is a remind of this horrible experience!

Yay for november… I ALWAYS get sick in November and this year i get a cough that can stick around for over 6 weeks! Im soon on week 4 😱 #coughing #beingsicksux— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 24 november 2018


December the last month of 2018 is now done and it is time to reflect on what has made this month special and important for me.

So recap of what this month has contained

Ordered the special #LetsGoEevee #NintendoSwitch today! Im so excited to get it next week!— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 1 december 2018

This blogpost was the one with the heaviest topic of everything, but i just had to get it all out and it is a read i think everyone should see if they can recognice in their own life

Todays #blogpost contains discussion about #sadness #happiness #dreams #pursuedreams #education— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 9 december 2018

Direct link to the blogpost:

I also made it back to the uni weekly class after 6 weeks of sickness!
but this month also made me try a new game wich i am really happy i tried

#dragonsdogma is so much fun! Havent had this much fun in openworld rpg since i played journey or skyrim but this game is taking the top spot from now on 😍😘— Perceptivity (@DanWolfMoon) 25 december 2018

I also been working on an exam, wich is intressting, i hope that starting this week or next i will be working on my final exam for this semester before the next semester starts! This week i gotta start looking for my litterature for the next semester aswell! But the week is young and i will be enjoying today and tomorrow in good friends company and just relax and laugh, play games and just socialize!

So i hope that everyone have a really nice New Years Eve and New Years Day!