Tuesday and the new year is here!Let us discuss relationships!

So 2019 is here! and yesterday i had a blast with my friends celibrating the new years entrance into my and our life. Now it is time for new energy, new positive energy to spread through this year, cause how much as 2018 have been both amazing and really sad. It is time to focus on new things this year! As a change i have decided it is time to change myself to become someone i can be proud to be in the future.

My dreams and ideals for what a good person is that is something i have noticed since yesterday actually am very clear to me!

I am amazed that some people that are in relationships seems to really struggle being together. I have heard of couples that litterly sit on oposit corners of a sofa staring into their phones instead of talking to eachother. I dont know if this is the new relationship that is “the get go” but me personally cant and wont be able to have that kind of relationship. I personally isnt really “talkactive” and i can be silent unless someone talk to me, aka i am horrible at smalltalk. But if i have a connection to someone and feel it i can talk, ofcourse i can talk when something really makes me react. But last night i exploded i got so angry and francly pissed off because of these relationships. I felt so sad for them that they couldnt even give eachother a hug, pat on the back. REALLY just BE THERE FOR EACHOTHER. No instead they stay together and keep doing this. I wonder wouldnt it be better to be single then? Can someone answer that for me?

I have been single for 5 years now but i havent been looking for someone either, but i cant personally see myself in a relationship with someone who i feel i couldnt give a hug, just hug or kiss someone when i feel like it, or when i sence it is needed. Ofcourse i understand that relationships all look differently, but i know that the ones i have heard about lately they where not happy relationships.

But i will be leaving my negative, angry, annoyed self for now and focus on what is in front of me. I have my friends and university to focus on and if people wanna stay in relationships that dont really seem to me like THEY are happy i wont stop them, cause i am not in any kind of position to decide what makes someone happy or sad. Only YOU know that, but to me in a relationship there have to be a few things, to name a few:

  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Happiness & Sadness
  • Acceptance
  • Trust
  • Agreements & Rules
  • Emotional Connection

Those are just some things that is to me important when you enter and are in a relationship. Cause a relationship is something that is there to make you feel happy, but when your significant other is in pain should be there making her or him feel safe, and they just need you there for them in their hour of need!

As i said before im not someone to judge relationships BUT i think this is an important matter cause from my point of view more and more relationships are becoming like i mentioned in this post. Ofcourse i dont judge all relationships but i just state what i am seeing so, if you are seeing other relationships going more stable that is awesome!

Hope your first day of 2019 been great and now it is time to see what tomorrow brings!