Tuesday not feeling for anything today

So today after work i got home start my computer and just feels like, no today i am not doing more then 2 things. So i did those 2 things and then i went onto youtube and listened to some good songs, sad but good ones that i connect with.

I wanna leave the songs here and im pretty sure most people have heard them atleast once in their life, maybe not these in perticular but in any other form most likely.

The first song i wanna leave here is disturbed sound of silence, wich just gives me goosebumps cause his voice pierce through me so easily!

The second song is one that kinda resonates with how the world feels today for alot of people, not online in one country but i think it speaks to alot if not all countries in the world. The second song i am talking about is mad world, and the person who sings it well she was riddiculed but her voice is really good! Here is Mad world by Susan Boyle

As an honorable mention for todays music i been listening to is a song that i by accident found while browsing through a random youtube video list. The lyrics is very dark and i just felt happy from listening to it, maybe cause deep down i knew that this is a song that will stay with me for a long long time. I will leave 2 versions of this one, one wich is the original made by her and also a nightcore version and i let you who listen decide wich one you liked. I know nightcore some people really dislike but this one i feel complimented this song very well. The song i am talking about is The Wolf by phildel!

Deep down a violin is playing cause today i am not happy nor do i feel the need to! Deep down i can hear the silent violin playing the sad song who everyone atleast hear in their life, tho the song it plays varies and is different for everyone but deep down the violin makes a sound so pure and beautiful that it just let your emotions run wild!

I present to you the song sad violin

Tomorrow is a new day!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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