Monday am i getting sick?

So today at work it was such a nice day, cloudy but no rain, BUT it was so humid outside so i didnt enjoy it for to long.

Monday means short day and then at the afternoon i noticed my nose was abit runny, so i am abit worried that i might be catching this flu that is going around, not covid but a normal flu wich is currently aswell going around!

I hope this was just a tired symptom but we will see, if this continues tomorrow i might have to take a few days off and use some old remedies to leviate these symptoms, but as i said hopefully this is a passing thing and wont get developed into something bigger… But you never know my imunesystem isnt the best so we will see if my body is fighting something now or if it will be gone in the next few days!

Also the reason why i am suspecting the flu and not allergies or covid is cause my allergy pills isnt really working on this, so this is most likely this seasons flu.. this normally appears a short while after school have started again…


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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