Wednesday, lecture and whispering icy winds.

Today was a cold day, we are in April but it was -2 degrees so it was “cold” and i walked to the train, since it is Wednesday i have lecture to attend to, but as normal this was not the best day. I was freezing all day, i bought myself 2 sodas, a sandwich and a carrotcake wich is so delicious! But the wind became stronger on the afternoon. So even tho the sun was shining it was so cold!

But then again i might have been freezing more cause i woke up at 4am for no real reason and i could not go back to sleep…

Anyway the rest of the week will go to reading for next week, aswell do some preparations for next weeks exams that we have. I think i have counted atleast 4 exams next week… Same as back in February.. Wich is kinda annoying cause they just cram them in.. I am not looking forward to that BUT im happy that the time is going forward, cause now its only 8 weeks left until summerbreak! Wich i really need after this start of 2019… I am emotionally drained and i have no real energy to spend on anything else then the studies atm.. BUT soon June is here and then the summer starts!

But the wind was blowing as i already wrote but it seemed to be warning for snow, and yepp it seems the wind whispered that it was gonna snow… Yepp it started snowing not much but it still snowed..

But now im dead tired so i am gonna lie down and just call it a day!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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