Tuesday math was the focus for today. Also some exciting news!

Today i been reading and reflecting over the book we have to read for this week.. quite intressting but in the same time it makes me question myself again. Sure this education is made so we should question ourselfs and the way we work or even speak to kids but this was something new..

I also prepared for the group assignment that is due on Friday, i have prepared 3 focus points aswell as a rhime for the kids.

So that is all done!

But now for something else! I have decided to do creative streams, what i mean with creative streams is:

  • I will be making various things on stream example banners, sketches, headers, backgrounds, portraits and more!

So it will be a learning serie since im not confident or even good at these things, but it will be a learning period!

I am excited for this and the first stream will be this Saturday starting at 4pm cest!

On my Twitter: https://twitter.com/danwolfmoon

I now have a poll up for what i should be attempting in the first stream!

But now ima call it a day cause early day cause lecture tomorrow!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!