Friday i think im not feeling ok…

So today i woke up and i felt completely dead like not in the normal tired way but i felt really not like myself so something is still going on, cause when both your parents react that you are not yourself then you probably arent yourself. So i might have gone back to work to early but now its weekend and i will have some extra days to get some rest and hopefully be back on my feet by Monday, but we will see i will do my best to get better but only time will tell if that will be enough.

I have the final exam for this second subject being due next Sunday November 8th. It is a “minor” exam as it is only max 1800 words wich if i have a good flow with my writing takes me about 1-2 days max to write up depending how much i need to look inside the books to find the correct things to write about and reflect over.

The third subject is starting in 1 week and that will be the worst subject for me since its all math based and yes i dont like math at all, and the last math we had was all about how you could see math in everything you did but now its proper math with divide and stuff and that is not appeal to me one bit.. But now i only have 1.5 semesters left and then i will be done with this bachelor degree and can just enjoy life as a university graduate!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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