Sunday its time to remove the christmas!

So today i actually cleaned out the christmas from my appartment, it is now over for now and will be back in December again but yea today it all went into the storage!

So christmas is over and all it left behind is abit of a feeling of melancholy and a reflection i have had alot lately that time really is speeding through and the days just goes by without me realizing it!

Well i kinda am realizing it since im reflecting on it but yea, it feels both like something im worried about and something thats pointless to worry about cause it is just what life is time is just constantly moving its not something we can do something about it is how it has always been and always was meant to be (maybe?)

But yea now christmas is over and the normal days is coming back, BUT its now going towards spring and summer wich means that soon the sun and light comes back to us and we can enjoy some warm weather (hopefully!). Anyway tomorrow its back to work and lets see how that will be, im looking forward to meeting my collegues again!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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