Saturday friends, bbq and self evaluation..

Today been a calm day, went to hangout with my friends wich was what I needed. The day went past and it was relaxing we had a nice BBQ with chicken, pork, cheese and various other things! Was really nice. I just got home thats why the post comes so late! But for the past…… Continue reading Saturday friends, bbq and self evaluation..

Saturday a creative good day!

Today i have celibrated easter by making easter lunch, and just enjoyed the sun for abit. But nothing crazy just enjoyed the day and relaxed cause i do need and deserv it after this horrible week.. Today i streamed for around 2 hours aswell where i did create two different things! I have added them…… Continue reading Saturday a creative good day!

Friday so warm and sunny!

Today have been such a great day! The sun been shining all day, and i been having a relaxing day not thinking about anything! If you had sun today i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did! //Dan

Sunday the day just went by..

I spent the day making lunch and watched random youtube videos about skyrim. Some of them made me laugh so hard, there is something about a guy looking really funny shooting an Arrow that makes your enemies fly all across skyrim… Yepp not much else happend except i did a stream wich was fun, made…… Continue reading Sunday the day just went by..

Saturday played around with Photoshop.

Today i havent really done much, taken a relax day and just playing around with all various functions in Photoshop. So what have i tested in PS? I tried making small banners, mishmash of various images, and just general try and make some fun images! I also watched some animé and just had a good…… Continue reading Saturday played around with Photoshop.