Saturday friends, bbq and self evaluation..

Today been a calm day, went to hangout with my friends wich was what I needed. The day went past and it was relaxing we had a nice BBQ with chicken, pork, cheese and various other things! Was really nice.

I just got home thats why the post comes so late! But for the past hour i been talking to my friend about various things and that we are fairly simular but in the same time oposites of one another. Intressting discussions happends and i learn something new about my friends and me almost everytime we hangout.

Today i have learned that people around do see that i am not completely fine. I also lately started understanding more and more that i am not fine, but i never put myself first, everyone else is more important then me. (This is how i really feel and act, luckily i have a few people who can make me talk about how i feel myself.)

But now its almost 1am and ima sleep will upload another post later today!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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