Friday working on exam…

Yes first i wanna say that i know my blogging has been abit sporadic with more double posts the past weeks. Just to much in my head that i sometimes just crash asleep at evenings… But i will try get back into my groove after this exam.

Now lets jump into todays post!

Today have been abit of a challenge.. trying to write my exam, while keeping a calm head to make sure i get everything requested in the text im writing.. The exam is divided into three parts…

First part is a recap of one thing. The second part is to select words and explain them more in depth.. and connect them to part one. I got to this part today..

Third part is to take step one and reflect over various topics and see how viewing this in different lights can bring new knowledge into reality.

So tomorrow i hopefully will be close to finish this exam, else i will have it done on Sunday! Cause my goal is to have it done and sent in on Sunday!

Have a good weekend everyone!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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