Today i was quite impressed at work, cause it was such a calm day, i managed to do so many things and i still had more energy when i get home, so i did abit of game developing, cause i will be reading for next week during the weekend so i am prepared! The first […]

So today i updated the website to be abit easier for me to handle and update on a regular basis, as i am a fulltime student and i work quite alot aswell i need to try switch focus on this one aswell. This was my train of thought when i been debating how to update […]

Today was another beautiful day filled with scorching sun and hardly any clouds.. But there was some gusts of wind that made it somewhat survivable atleast. Tomorrow its time for work again, i do only work 3 days left week and i feel that we are saying farewell to July of 2019 this coming week. […]