Sunday website update.

So today i updated the website to be abit easier for me to handle and update on a regular basis, as i am a fulltime student and i work quite alot aswell i need to try switch focus on this one aswell. This was my train of thought when i been debating how to update and what to inclued.

But here is what i changed:

1. Contact me page have been temporarily removed.
If you want to contact me feel free to submit an email to

2. I have hidden quite some pages and will be focusing on have 2 or 3 pages that will be focusing on mayor aspects of my intrests.

3. My game page have been updated with new games.

4. Movies page have been updated with new movies and synopisis. Tho i still need to add 50+ movies synopsis but it will be coming!

5. Side projects section have been cleaned up as i will be adding new and exciting projects soon!

Now a new week is approaching and i am gonna focus on coming exams!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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