Today started with some grey clouds on the sky and i was certain it would come some rain! But i was wrong! The sky broke free into a perfect blue with the sun shining like crazy down onto us. It was such a perfect weather that it was so nice being outside enjoying the sun, […]

So today was an extremely early day.. woke up at 5am! I mean sure all is good but pls 5am is way to early… Well been going back and fourth to the store 3 times today cause they had a sale on potatoes! So many many potatoes… Also at around 3:30pm this afternoon i saw […]

Yes today was the last exam at uni day. Was first out and it went past without any major problems. Except nervs, my nervs were on the outside. But since we got to play a small theatrical part it was a blast! Now the vacation will start this week, i have the last retake to […]