Tuesday retake exam came back!

So today i got my retake exam i sent in 29th of December! Due date on the 30th of December, like i mean 6 days later and its back already thats some fast results! Wich i like not gonna lie!

So what was this retake? Well it was the book reflection exam that i didnt feel like doing but finished it in roughly 8 hours.

I didnt get a notification that it had come back but classmate told me the result had came back so i checked mine aswell. So opened the uni app and looked for the retake exam and yepp it was graded.

So i was expecting a passing grade cause francly i dont think i written a better exam then that one last year so yea that says alot about how much effort and work i put into it. (Yes i put down effort into my exams but i put down even more when its a retake).

Yes i opened the matrix and saw the grade (Passed) so yepp i passed the retake and now i only have to pass the math exam and the final exam thats due next week! Before i jump into the final semester the week after with 5 weeks of internship!

But yea final semester is here and this month marks me being a student for 3 years already, soon im done and then my new adventure starts!

I have a few plans that i am gonna do after im done with this bachelor but for now i will keep them a secret!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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