Thursday, headache and writing the last exam!

Today have been spent working on the last exam that is due in roughly 24 hours from when this post goes up!

This exam was a tougher one since instead of 1800 words minimum they put it on 2250 words minimum…

But i finished on 2257 words and tomorrow i just gotta polish the text aswell as add the sources and front page and then send it in and pray i pass this time.

Else it will be an intressting fall for me, just focusing on passing one exam the whole fall and then i need to wait until i pass that exam and then when passed wait ONE whole year before i can start the next semester!

But now i aim to pass this exam and enjoy this summer before going back to uni for my fourth semester out of seven!

But today i had a bad headache aswell so had to take an headache pill and rest for 25-30 minutes before i could start writing the exam again…

But tomorrow is Friday so lets end this week on a good note. Tomorrow after i submit the exam my 10 week vacation starts properly!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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