Tuesday work, i need to remember to breath.

So today is Tuesday and that means once again that i have the closing shift at work, wich is good and actually pretty fun! I can manage closing atleast once a week. The schedule i have is such a nice one currently that makes it easy for me to actually balance both work and studies at one time, as it looks currently anyway.

In a few months i will be starting on my thesis wich i have no idea how it will be done cause we havent been given any information about it as of this moment.. But hopefully we will get more information the closer to the end of this semester. But who knows we will see!

It is quite exciting that it is now less then 40 weeks and counting down until i hopefully will have my bachelor degree. I am excited to see what awaits in the future. After i finish my degree i have some plans on what i will do next. But currently i am trying to save up money to do atleast one of all those things!

This week i have an exam that is due on Friday, then we have 2 more exams next week wich is due on Wednesday aswell as Friday, so slowly we are creeping closer to the final exam as time passes!

The exam due on Friday is a 700 word max essay and it is divided into two parts.. Next wednesday is the group assignment wich is like a “show and tell” and the final exam is a big written exam which have several questions im guessing, but we will see i have atleast signed me up to do that exam!

Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means lecture so i am looking forward to see what it will be all about tomorrow.

As a final note my motto for this semester and next until i graduate is “Remember to breath” cause that is something i forget to do from time to time so now i keep reminding myself of it and everything should end up just fine!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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