Thursday work and such a great weather!

Today started pretty calming and it continued being better, i was pretty good energywise. The sunshine was shining the afternoon before i stopped working, it was even tho it had been -2 degrees celsius this morning and now it was pretty warm outside, it was a great fall day! I hope we get a few more days like this and it will be a great fall before winter makes its grand entrance.

Now i will call it a day and look forward to the fact that tomorrow is Friday once again and i will be having a short shift.

Then once again it will be weekend again and i will be trying to prepare abit more for the upcoming exams! First exam for this subject is next Wednesday, The second exam is due Sunday next week and the final exam is due on Sunday the 8th of November before the third subject is starting! After 8th of November will be the halfway mark of this semester already!

Time flies and soon enough i will be done with this education and get my degree and finally be able to call myself officially a preschool teacher.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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