Sunday looking at the sky.

Today have been one of those days when i look at the sky and think, what type of weird weather we have in this time of the year. We still have above 10+ degrees celsius and that when i was younger was not the case at all.

We are closing in on October wich is next week already, we have done more then 3/4th of 2020 already and i am kinda grateful that this year is almost over cause it have been quite a bad one up to date..

But also i been soon studying for 5 weeks already this semester and it feels crazy! Like i dont think my brain have caught up with the fact time goes super fast and we are almost closing in on halfway done of this semester.. (wich is in 5 weeks).

Today i got sent a news article from Texas in the US, wich now have a brain eating germ in their drinking water. Like is it not enought that there is a freaking pandemic going around and now more crap is coming.

This whole ordeal makes me wonder what comes next really, will we learn anything from this ordeal that we didnt already knew, cause let us be fair this year have been quite a challenging one not only physically but also mentally.

But now i will be focusing on work and see what else comes my way, cause i atleast know i have a few exams that are coming up and i just need to defeat them and finish this degree.

Now onto the next week!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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