Wednesday …

Yea i dont really know what to call todays post… Nor do i really know what i will be sharing..

Somedays are just like this and i feel today have been both pushing me well away from myself aswell as pushing my limits towards my education..

So yea i will focus on the second part about my education and it just feels like the schedule we are given keeps changing and i dont even know how to keep up with all this..

For 5 weeks now i will have studies Tuesday and Thursday that is the days that are set in stone.. But suddenly i see they pushed in next wednesday aswell.. I have no chance of coping with this, sure this is the final semester but no idea why they try push in so much more into a day then we have had before. I just feel like its weird.

Anyway tomorrow i have lectures and then we move onto another week, but for each passing week i am getting closer to the final exam and i will be able to just let this 3.5 years go away cause i will be done!

But yea i wonder what tomorrow will bring!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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