Tuesday such a long day of uni studies!

So yea i been wondering abit today cause francly it seems i was not the only one wondering about what happend to our lectures on Wednesdays wich we been told about pretty much since day one at this bachelor. But yea for the next 5 weeks i am having lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays and well today was the first day with introduction and other things. But i am gonna be honest the last 2 hours after lunch i was so tired and it gave some small good hints on how we can search things up. Tho this information would have been better to have been given from the first semester. Well we have gotten some info but todays info was better then we have had before so that was good i guess.

But now i am taking the rest of the day off studies cause lets face it my head cant handle about 6 hours of information pushed into my head and yea, will focus tomorrow after work instead. But yea i needed to order a new book last evening before i went to sleep cause the one i had is from 2002… wich is to outdated so i just ordered a new one and hopefully i get it this week so that should all be fine for now.

Thursday we have lectures again and i need to start looking for 2 articles wich i will be doing Thursday + Friday so i dont have to stress to much about that, seeing as we have a lecture next Thursday for these articles where we present them. Wich will be intresting.

But yea even tho i am tired it is time to focus and end this bachelor so i dont have to worry again about not having an education on my back wich i can fall back onto even if i decide to do something else. Life is a journey and as days go by i notice myself wondering more and more what life truely is about, maybe i am just pondering things to much but some people spend their entire life reflecting and thinking about these questions, tho i am excited to see what and where my life does/takes me towards. When my body gives up and gives in i hope i wont have regrets that are to big. But a life without regrets is a life without mistakes done and that aint something you cant do in your life. Mistakes are meant to be done as we are only humans. So go out there make some mistakes, learn, grow and move forward.

My next step is coming up as the thesis is gonna be written and i am moving forward with a try on my streaming carreer aswell together with making some other things. Alot of things going on but i am still only being me so yea lets see what to the future holds!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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