Monday enjoying the vacation!

So yea today im enjoying my vacation to the fullest kinda, im just doing whatever i feel like in a sense.

But today i spent most day in the bed and i have been working on my visual novel, since i got the feedback from the first release and it was time to actually think how i am gonna be fixing everything up and then it hit me today so i started just opening a word document and then started writing the scenarios.

It ended up with 3000 words and also a better structure and now im just waiting for my friend to spellcheck the document and then i will be working on implementing it into the game engine with the images and all.

It feels good and now while my friend work i will be working on other things like the document and scripts for the rest of the chapters and it just feels alot smoother so yea it motivates me!

But yea it has been a good day and now im looking forward to see what the rest of my vacation have in store for me!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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