Wednesday a meeting to put things in perspective

So today i woke up 30 minutes before my alarm, so i decided to stay in bed to try and wake up. But then i prepared for the zoom meeting.

Well the meeting went okay and I discussed alot and she put alot of things in perspective and everything thats going on currently is most likely just blocked by my own head, i have been blocking myself from alot. So after a while she asked me how i was feeling and then she listened and after a while she said well have you tried thinking like this instead? Suddenly everything became abit more clear and I understood that i been tripping myself over for stupid reasons.

I suffer from abit of anxiety and my nervs have started taking over simply put. Cause I am terrified about the future even tho im excited at the same time. The future is not written yet and thats what probably is blocking me from both looking forward. I kinda forgot to live for the day and moment again. Sadly this is probably how it will be, I need someone to ground me and keep me in the moment…

She also lifted the three circles of being mental healthy and currently my red circle is the biggest and i need to lower the red and make the green and blue more equal or even more bigger for me to be able to live a good and balanced mental life. But she gave me tips and she asked if i had any pets as this can help with boosting the circles for better. Sadly i dont have pets but i said im gonna plan on getting one after i move cause it will most likely help me stay stable after this whole chapter is over.

But yea im gonna start focusing on looking after my neccessary needs and hopefully i will feel better one day.

Todays lyrics: From: “Lauv – Sad Forever”

“‘Cause lately
I’ve been in the backseat to my own life
Trying to take control, but I don’t know how, to

I don’t wanna be sad forever
I don’t wanna be sad no more
I don’t wanna wake up and wonder
What the hell am I doing this for?”


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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