Monday why did this affect me so much?

So yea today have been one thing after another and I should probably just give up on today. So when I got to work my keychain holdning my keys broke completely and I cut my thumb so I was yea its gonna be this type of day is it now? The day continued and nothing more really happend until 1.5 hours before work was ending and that was when next thing happend and i hurt my arm.. Yea not only that arm started hurting but my other arm also hurted (yay?).

Todays events hurting myself stopped there BUT physical hurt wasnt the only problem that would come cross my path nope lets throw in some emotional pain aswell. This tho shouldnt affect me as much as it did…

I was watching the anime called “Fumetsu no Anata e” wich translates to “To your eternity” and its about a life form that gets sent to earth and turns into a rock for starters and then it transforms into more complex forms. But this anime is filled with death and play on feelings from episode one, so its not something I was surpriced about seeing in the latest episode. But this episode broke me completely and it was like a punch to the stomach it was so hard and it touched me so deep. Maybe I relate abit to much to the main character called “Fushi” and the journey that is happening in the serie.

Now Im just feeling done with this day, its been physical and emotional pain, im gonna look forward to tomorrow instead and pray its gonna be better!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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