Tuesday feelings of gratitude…

I have been thinking back about this year of 2021 and yea this year has really changed so many things for me that its crazy!

After 6 years since i first set out on my journey to become a preschool teacher i finally reached the journeys end and it has really been teaching me alot about myself as a person and as a individual, what i stand for and what is just plain wrong…

These past 3 years have truely taught me who i really am, and who i wanna become. This year of 2021 have taught me so much more about myself that has been there infront of me since i was young, but i never reached for it. All it took for me to be able to reach out was to get in contact with one person who really opened my eyes to new feelings, new views on how i see myself and much more.

Life so far have been an rollercoaster of emotions and it truely is a learning journey.. and yes i will keep walking this road i have infront of me now cause who knows what the next pitfall will make me realise!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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