Monday a new week

Yea the past blogpost have been short but todays gonna be abit longer cause i have some news to share!

Today after work I actually went out and looked at my first apartment.

It was a fairly nice apartment, a few cracks in the paint but over all a decent apartment with 2 rooms and a kitchen. But i cant really say it felt like how i can only describe it as “home” i dont know, it might be cause i never have done something like this.

The living room was enormous and i gotta say it impressed me as it was huge! But yea i walked around and tried get a feel for it but it was like i didnt feel it at all, it was weird normally you feel some type of history from the walls/rooms but i didnt really feel anything like that..

So for now im gonna continue looking until i might find that “home” place that i been searching for aslong as i have been an adult to be honest.. But maybe it excists or maybe it doesnt but i aint gonna stop looking!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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