Sunday my mind is working against me…

So yea today have been a weird one to say the least, i have been feeling okay all day until this evening, my throat hurts abit, my chest is abit tight and i feel my emotions trying to break out.

What a weekend it has been, breakdowns, emotional outbursts and people not really feeling this weekend at all. Like i know for a fact this weekend have been shit for several people i talked to and seen people post about online. This whole week have been very challenging for alot of people, so it is not only me who are having issues this week(end).

But yea this weekend made it painfully real to me that my mind and headspace is not working with me alot, as soon as i start to worry the voice of negativity and depression sneaks up on me again like it never left. Yes i know it never really leaves but it has been manageble and i havent even thought anything negative for several months until now.. Its weird tho cause i shouldnt feel this way that i am. I have not had any emotional outburst for ages and nor have i felt the need for these emotions to climb out of my body, i have actually been feeling very good about myself and about my life these past months.

But i guess its just one of these periods i do end up in and i think its cause allergy season is here so that triggers some emotions aswell i guess..

But yea tomorrow its back to work again and i hope there will be some sunshine and nice weather cause its the best weather to work in!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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