Wednesday such an annoying lecture day..

Yes so why did i choose this as todays topic? Well cause it is true for one..

Today i started the first of two lectures at 08:30am and it was supposed to be about younger kids communication and keep on going for 1 hour 30 minutes.. Well it took 45 minutes before we even got into the topic properly… And after that it just kept going down, the teacher managed to go through ONE of 3 things that we where supposed to learn more about today…

The second lecture was math. And all this teacher managed to go into focus on was pretty much “regular” math aka numbers and things like that. After reading half the younger kids math yesterday, i got annoyed THIS was not math for the youngest of kids..The teacher also had to repeat the same thing 3 times and managed to go over the time with 15 minutes before everyone just gave up.

So what did i get with me from todays lecture? Annoyment and general irritation cause the teachers dont even seem to stay on the stated topics…

Now i have 4 days to prepare 3 exams, 2 materials, read 7 or so chapters of littersture and pack cloths for the uni days!