Thursday all my books are on the way!

So this past Monday i ordered all the books i had left to get for next semester, i been waiting for a confirmation email that they are being sent to me every single day since Monday evening.

But today at 5pm i got the confirmation that they been packed and are awaiting to be sent. Wich means i either have them tomorrow or Monday latest! This means i have all the books and i can slowly but surely start to read them so i can prepare abit ahead of time.

Seeing as i wont get a schedule until week 35 when i can sign up for the classes.. So all i really can do is read the books needed for the various parts of next semester.

I am excited aswell as dreading it a tiny bit.. cause this semester have a few subjects that i maybe JUST maybe will struggle a slightly bit with.

But i will be starting next week with Reading after all books have come in aswell as divide them up into subjects (this coming semester contains 4 subjects) so thats how i will be setting the books up!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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