Tuesday theatrical and update reguarding the game!

Yes todays adventure on uni contained theatrical and arts and crafts were we actually dived into a story, and made the story evolve abit further then what it normally tells us. It was great fun!

But the biggest part of this post today will actually be about the game im in the process of developing! A few weeks ago i posted information about an untitled game i was working on, well i now decided on a name earlier last week and it is a name i am happy with!

The name of the game is:

Faded Memories and it is a mystery rpg! So in preparation for when i can launch it, there are 2 places you can come and talk and even help me with this project:

First way is to join this discord server: https://discord.gg/FqXSt2G

The second way is by giving a like on the Facebook page: https://facebook.com/playfadedmemories

I am looking forward to see this game developing and now its time to call it a day!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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