Monday internship and a reflection of my life.

So i had a great day at the internship today and as i posted in the last blogpost: i was saving Atypical for this weekend BUT i ended up watching it all when i got home… Yea not a good habit, well the habit isnt really the biggest problem in this case.

I feel like i connect with several of the characters in that show, i connect with Sam wich is the main character and he is on the autism spectrum. Several times during this show i felt connected with this character in quite a few ways. But in the same way i connect with other characters in that show. I guess that is something positive tho cause a show i can connect with is something i can enjoy watching. But sometimes i wonder is there something more to why i am connecting with characters like this. I dont know but i known for quite some time that i really enjoy these series.

A few years ago i wrote a short sentence that somehow connected with who i was and maybe even still are, i was maybe i still am a poet deep inside, but today i shall share that short sentence in this post.

“I am a leaf blowing in the wind, never to be found and never to be forgotten.”

I think that i connect with the broken kinds of series cause i myself am abit broken, not to the extent i was before since i am taking care of that side of me. Well i just felt like writing all of this today, why i never will know but i feel like it was needed.

I will leave some songs in here aswell cause why not. Hope everyone will enjoy these!

Here follows a reason why i left each song in here:

Ori and the blind forest ost have touched me in a way i didnt think was possible. The story had me gripped from the start with a really strong song sounding from the moment you reached the title screen!

if you are a fan of “short” games with a really emotional story you should check it out! You can find the game here:

Two high i added cause it did told me how i been feeling sometimes in my life and i think that alot of people can connect with the song. I also suggest listening to it more then one two or even three times put it on repeat for an hour and see how YOU connect with it!

Summer memories is a new song i just found last week, and it is one of the songs im really happy about have found. It is such an beautiful song that can be felt deep within my body. To me it speaks of how there is always a dawn after the night and that there is a new day emerging, and with that new day you will find new and important things that will stay with you for the rest of the life.

Human, well i got this song suggested on my weekly spotify list and the song made me realise that it is ok to fall, cause one way or another you can always rise up again. Aswell as you are never really alone in that dark hole you might end up in even tho its as dark as you cant see someone is always near you sitting there waiting and reaching out to hold your hand.

By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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