Friday, the chaos is closing in!

So i have until Monday to finish my script, for the first exam. Then i also gotta work on my second exam wich is due date on Friday! Next week will be pure chaos in more sence then one.

Now i just gotta focus on surviving next week, so that we can enter the week after with new focus! I cant wait until week 9 when i will have 5 whole weeks of intership. That is gonna be amazing and just get to focus on sharpening my new ways of thinking into the real world. Sure the books give us the ideas but if you cant use the things u read into a real life situation then that wont help much will it…

But now it is time to give up for today, this is a really short blogpost but tomorrow and Sunday one will most likely contain more, cause i do wanna bring up the subject of the exam we have next week, so that you all can join me into this chaotic week that is to come!

Hope your day is/have been awesome!