Thursday, freezing day for studies!

So today i went out at 6:45am to make my way to the trainstation, the temperature outside was -14.5 degrees celsius… So it was cold!

After i reach my destination, i get picked up by my classmate and off we go. We drive around abit in the city to warm the car up, by now the temperature has gone down to ONLY -9.5. But that doesnt bother me im in a warm car ignoring the cold.

Abit later we meet up with 2 more classmates and drive to the last members house for the start off our study session.

We spend roughly 4 hours preparing, studying, reading and discussing the exam preperations we have to do.

After all is said and done and got an hour to kill while i wait for my train back home, i keep talking to my classmate.

Then the train comes and i go home, visits the pharmacy to buy some cough meds for a person.

Finds an important line of text that i have been needing from the start of this exam preperation, and now tomorrow i will be working on the last bit of exam preperation for Monday/Wednesday!

Hope your day have been awesome!