Thursday thoughts

So today been intresting, finished an assignment for uni, went to work to leave of 2 books, did some chores and managed to find a song i probably listened to about 70+ times today as it really boosted my mood 100x over the past few days as i noticed i got more and more sad inwards but not outwards. (If that makes sence)

But the song is called “One last time” by LP.

Official music video

Listen to it and take in what it tells you. To me the following lyrics really touched my heart and soul and i think this is something i have been overseeing maybe even ignoring:

“But If I could have one last time with you.
I imagine all the things we would do.
Love is in the words unspoken
All these moments are golden
Forever is mine with you”

To me this means even if you only have 1 chance and i mean ONE chance on doing something life will still let you remember that moment for the rest of your time. Why waste time worry about a memory that you might even create if you dont get that “ONE LAST TIME” to create that ever lasting memory.

But yea so many songs i have found and i feel more and more content with analysing each songs lyrics and actually starting to somehow understanding myself!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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