Tuesday work and studies + a small change to the website!

Todays work was intressting cause it was kinda cold outside so we went outside and everything was so calm and nice, then suddenly the sun came out and it went really nice outside!

So after work i went home and at home i started studying, focused on chemistry (the last thing) and prepared some thoughts for the exam that is due on Friday.

I also decided to change the way people can contact me on this website from today. You can now only contact me by using the questionair on this page: https://danwolfmoon.com/contact-me-2/

Reason being is that i keep getting spam mail and i wont reply to those types of emails so i have removed that email for now.

I also made some changes to the commenting feature. Before you could comment on any of my old posts this has been changed. Also the comments are now all gonna be reviewed by me before i release them, SO if you have left a comment but it have not showed up dont worry i have read it or will soon read it!

Tomorrow is lecture day and i am still finishing the things i need to read so i will now go back to my books and look forward what i learn from tomorrows lectures!

I will leave a few songs aswell since i feel like it!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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