Sunday a great start of a day!

Well where to begin really… today just had a great start like a better start i havent had in quite some time!

So I kinda went to sleep at around 2am maybe 3am but I woke up at 7am and as soon as I opened up my phone I got asked for a discord call so I just said heck yea lets do it!

The best part is that I have come to enjoy these daily discord calls I get to have with this person, there is just such a relaxed feeling talking to eachother without any limitations.

Normally when you speak to someone you tend to keep some information to yourself or some topics are not to be discussed but not in these calls.. there is litterly no hinderence for our discussions!

We only talked for abit over a week now but we really are talking about bits and pieces of everything and its not like lighthearted conversations only there are a few topics that are really heavy and problematic to talk about but we still do it.

I learned more about myself in abit over a week then I have known for my whole life wich seems weird but I truely have grown from our talks.

Life sometimes gives you a nice push in the right direction!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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