Tuesday this was an enounter by fate!

So a few weeks ago, I started following a person on twitter, this person tweeted alot of dark stuff but somehow in the middle of it all I saw light and goodness.

The weeks since then have not really been anything special but I keep getting drawn into what this person tweets. I couldnt / still cant leave this person alone.

A few days ago I went into the DM(Direct Message) with this person and we started talking about some stuff and it was like 2 days after he gave me a follow back wich I was happily surpriced about.

Anyway this weekend I just casually asked if they used discord wich they did and gave me their handle. So I added and then we texted abit there. (Feels alot easier on discord then twitter anyway).

Today in the afternoon I started chatting again on discord and we came into very heavy topics I wont go into details cause its private. But it very heavy topics and thats when I decided to share abit of my history with this person. I was actually prepared to be met with judgement and disdain but well this was not the case.

I even asked if they were finding me weird or awkward and they just typed that, that was not the case. So we kept talking and there is so much more I wanna know.. but its atleast a start of a new friendship one that im very happy about currently!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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