Today time felt like it almost stayed still..

So yea today started at 4:30am and well I only have myself to blame cause I was up abit to late talking to people.. But I didnt wanna stop talking to them cause it felt really important to me for some reason.

But yea the clock seemed like it wanted to go real slow today, I dont really tend to watch the clock and the day just fly by, but today I kept watching the clock cause I wanted to go home and talk to people…

But yea as soon as I got home the afternoon just flew by, wich was sad but I learned something important thanks to this and I cant wait to see what else I will be learning the coming days!

But I also got dissapointed cause I was deadset I was gonna get my vaccination this Friday and all times are booked and yea It sucks and the only day that is open for vaccination (not booked) is Tuesday next week and I am unable to take those times cause I work, so I will keep my eyes on the time schedule that gets released on Sunday and will do my best to snag me a good time that wont impair on my work!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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