Project: Mental Health

Its time to remove the toxic environment and toxic mentality we all are surrounded on a daily basis! I think not only me are tired of the constant negative and toxic we are being fed from everywhere.


Creating a positive healthy Environment (community) to increase general positive health and negate negative news and influence.

I am also planning on expanding this project to its own website aswell as its own facebook page for starters.

I am not a professional and this project is for sharing experiences and stories! If you need a professional contact your local health department for help!


I for one have been down a dark hole myself as many others and its thanks to great
community and friends that i managed to dig myself up to the point where i dont want to go back, even tho the thoughts and voices are there the friends i have keep them at bay. I want to create a place where people who feel like its their fault, feeling depressed, who are negativily influenced by news & media can have a place to find some kind of peace and we work together to try lift eachother out of the deep dark hole we sometimes land in. I want to create a kind of safeheaven that focusing on positive and strenghening the mentality to say its ok this is a safe place for everyone who wanna escape the negative, toxic and rightout dangerous media outlets.

Wanna get more info or just wanna know more leave a message in the below contact form and i will get back to you as soon as I can!

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